Wednesday, July 7, 2021

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What To Say In Arabic When Someone Has A Baby

Today’s post is about saying congratulation in Arabic for a new baby. I will teach you the general rules on what to say in Arabic when someone has a baby, then will mention the Islamic wishes and duas to say in that situation.

Congratulations For The Baby in Arabic

The word for congratulations is “Mabrook” مبروك or “Mubarak” مبارك to use the more formal Modern Standard Arabic. Here is how to use it:
Congratulations for the baby :

  • مبارك لكم المولود
    “mubarakon lakom al mawlood”
  • تهانينا على المولود
    “tahanina ala al mawlood”.
  • ألف مبروك
    “alf mabrook”; this literally means a thousand congratulations and is mainly used in Egypt.
  • يتربّى (تتربّى) في عزك
    “yetrabba (tetrabba) fe ezzak!” (feminine version in brackets);
    this means wishing they grow up blessed in the family’s wealth and goodness.

Islamic Congratulations For New Baby

Here are some prayers “duas” to say when someone has a baby:
(بارك الله لك في الموهوب لك، وشكرت الواهب، وبلغ أشده، ورزقت بره)
Which means: May allah send his blessings upon his gift to you, may you thank Allah, may he/she grow to their fullest strength, and may they be good to you. I’m not a scholar but this dua was said by Al Hasan Albasry, and isn’t a specific sunnah from the prophet Mohamed peace be upon him.
A shorter version is to say: بارك الله لكم في الموهوب
“baraka Allahu lakom fel mawlood” which basically means may Allah bless your baby. “Al Mawhoob” means the gifted to you because children are a blessing from God.

What other situations would you like to learn about when it comes to Arabic? Also, were you just looking for this information as a one off or are you a beginner learning Arabic?

Thank you and see you in a new Arabic lesson!

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