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What Is Your Job In Arabic? Talk About Jobs

How do you ask someone about their job in Arabic and also talk about yours? How do you ask them if they like their job? Today I will teach you how to do this, and more! First, let’s look at some jobs and how to say them in Arabic, note that jobs will either be feminine or masculine. For example a teacher in Arabic is :

(m) معلم [pronounced mo’allem]
(f) معلمه

All we did to make it feminine is add this letter to the end ـه

Ok, let’s look at a list of some jobs in Arabic:

Housewife (stay at home wife or mom)ربة منزل
(لا يعمل)
(لا تعمل)
A list of jobs in Arabic vocabulary

Note that when you want to say “doctor”, you can just easily say the English word, usually Arabs will pronounce it like “doctoor” for masculine or “doctoora” for feminine, kind of similar to how it is said in Spanish!

Asking Someone About Their Job In Arabic

What is your job? ماذا تعمل؟
If you are asking a female: – ماذا تعملين؟
(I will put feminine questions between brackets from now on)
The answer can be one of these:
I am a teacher أنا معلم
I work as a doctor أنا أعمل كطبيب(ه)
My job is teacher عملي هو معلم
I don’t work. أنا لا أعمل
I am looking for a job. أنا أبحث عن عمل

Where do you work? أين تعمل؟ (أين تعملين؟)
I work in a factory. أعمل في مصنع
I work in a hospital.

Do you like your job? هل تحب عملك؟ (هل تحبين عملك؟)
Yes, I love it! نعم، أنا أحبه
Yes, I really enjoy it. نعم، إنه ممتع جدا
No, I don’t enjoy it. لا، لا أجده ممتعا

The previous examples were all written in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). You can see we use the word عمل [amal] to mean work. In the Egyptian dialect, we use the word شغل [pronounced shoghl]. So to ask someone what do you work as, you would say: إنت بتشتغل ايه؟
You might also hear Egyptians call it شغلانه shoghlanah, usually if they don’t really enjoy their job.

الفرق بين العمل والوظيفه

عمل: best translated to work, it can be used to mean a job, or work in general, as in: the men are working, or it can also mean something you are doing right now.
وظيفه: this is more specific and means occupation so you can also use it when talking about jobs.

Now if you want to test your Arabic language, try reading the following conversation on your own and write the translation in the comments and I will correct it for you!

-مرحبا، ما اسمك؟
=مرحبا، أنا ديفيد، وأنت؟
-أنا محمد، ماذا تعمل يا ديفيد؟
=أعمل مديرا في مصنع للإلكترونيات، وأنت؟
-أنا طالب، أدرس المحاماه
=هذا رائع، هل تحب الدراسه؟
-نعم، إنها صعبه لمن ممتعه

I made this a bit more difficult perhaps above the level of this lesson so you can try to guess or even Google the words, don’t feel embarrassed if you do! I hope that is helpful.

Thank you, and keep learning!


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