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Unique Arabic Boy Names

A lot of parents look for unique names for their babies and it can cause a lot of worry that you would be responsible for what will stay with them as a name for the rest of their lives! In this post I will suggest lots of beautiful Arabic names for boys that you can choose from with their meanings. I will keep the first part for names that can be used by Muslims and non-Muslims and the other half for names that are more Islamic (of course, anyone can choose any name but it is worth knowing). I will write the name in English and Arabic with the pronunciation between brackets [] if it is tricky. I am focusing on unique and trendy names but I will avoid very rare or bizarre names because the most recent trends have gone too far into just making up names nowadays!

Arabic boy names that can be used for anyone (no religious association)

Rami رامي
Means an archer or someone who can generally aim at an enemy or maybe at a goal. It could also mean someone who is the first to do things before others. Someone famous with this name is actor Rami Malek.

Basil باسل
A brave person, someone with valor.

Bassam بسام
The one who smiles, smiley. There is a similar female name called Basma which means a smile.

Faris فارس
Simply a knight, a noble warrior. This is not a very new name but is popular is the levantine area.

Diaa ضياء
Light. More precisely, a source of light or brightness.

Nader (Nadir) نادر
Nader means unique. It is a trendy name over the last few years and more common in Levantine countries and Egypt.

The Arabic name Nader

Jamal (or Gamal) جمال
The literal translation means beautiful or handsome, also could mean internal beauty and good ethics. In Egypt and Yemen it is pronounced with a G as in (game), otherwise it is pronounced with a sound similar to G in (gym).
Hazem حازم
Firm, determined, disciplined.

Sami (Sammy) سامي
Honourable and supreme.

Sharif (Sherif) شريف
Noble and honourable, kind of similar to Sami!

Taher طاهر
Pure and clean.

Layth ليث
Means lion! To imply courage and strength.

Noor نور
This is a unisex name and means light and brightness.

Zafer (Dhafer)ظافر
Victorious, winner.

Arabic boy names for Muslims or that have an Islamic association

The prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) told us to pick up beautiful names for our children and not to choose names that are derogatory. For some reason, Arabs before Islam would name their kids as animals or other names with meanings of ugliness, the prophet advised these people to change their names. Obviously there are so many of these Muslim names but some of the very old traditional Arabic names would not sound easy in modern Arabic or just have an obscure meaning so again I will try to stick to unique Muslim names but at the same time suitable for modern Arabic and easy to understand and pronounce.

Sa’ad سعد

Happiness and goodness. Also the name of a follower of the prophet Mohamed Peace be upon him.

Khalid خالد
An eternal person, or someone who will always be remembered.

Sayf (or Seif or Seifeddeine) سيف ، سيف الدين
Saif on its own means sword or blade. When combined with deen (which means religion or faith) will be Seif ul deen or (Seifuddin, Seifeddeine) depending on which area you come from, and in this case will mean the sword of faith, meaning the protector of faith.

Hassan or Hassaan حسن ، حسان
The first one حسن means beauty or good looking. The second حسان means the one who makes things beautiful.

Safyi صفي
Means a very close friend.

Saleh صالح
Good and useful. It is also a name of a prophet according to the Quran. I don’t think he is mentioned in the Bible.

Taha طه
It is from the “disconnected or mysterious letters” in the Quran. No one really knows there meaning but “Taha” is the start of a verse in which Allah addressed prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) so in the traditional culture, it is considered as a nickname or one of the names of the prophet.

Abed عابد
The one who worships a lot.

Ali علي
The noble and supreme. It is also the name of one of the most famous and most revered followers of the prophet Mohamed peace be upon him (PBUH).

Yusuf/Yousef يوسف
Means Joseph, the name of the Biblical figure, Muslims believe he is a prophet and there is a whole verse in the Quran with his name, plus he is mentioned several times across the Quran.

Mahmoud محمود
The one with good ethics and manners, the one who others praise. It is also another name for the prophet PBUH.

Yahya يحيى
To live, he is also a prophet mentioned in the Quran and most likely he is John the Baptist in the Bible.

Hamzah حمزه
The strong and determined. Could also mean a lion or a brave person.

Malek مالك
Owner or ruler.

I know there are thousands of other names but as mentioned above, this is a carefully chosen list! if you have any other Arabic names that you want to add to the list or if you have any questions about Arabic names or the language don’t hesitate to leave a comment or join the conversation on our facebook group and page!


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