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Talking About Types of Weather in Arabic

This is going to be a complete guide to talking about the weather in Arabic. We will talk about both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and also the Egyptian dialect. You will learn the different types of weather in Arabic, how to ask and talk about it, the forecast and also the seasons. It is a great conversation started and for small talk but also useful in day to day. Before we start forming sentences let’s learn some basic words.

Weather Conditions in Arabic

The weatherالطقس
The climateالمناخalmonakh
Hotحارhar (7ar)

Asking about the weather

This is straightforward. You could either ask:
What is the weather today? in Arabic, this is:
ما هو الطقس اليوم؟
or, how is the weather now?
كيف هو الطقس الآن؟

The weather tomorrow
الطقس غدا

The weather forecast
النشره الجويه

The temperature
درجة الحراره

The first is more correct. Now using the Egyptian dialect:
What is the weather like today?
الجو عامل ازاي النهارده؟

drawing of different weathers in English translated to Arabic

Describing The Weather in Arabic

If you want to describe it as a cold weather in Arabic you could use one of the following:
الجو بارد
الطقس بارد
إنه يوم بارد (it is a cold day), yes you can use the day.

For hot weather you can use:

  • الطقس حارٌّ
  • إنه يوم حارٌُ جدًا Note that I chose to say “very hot” by adding the word: جدا

    More ways to describe the weather:
  • الطقس جميل The weather is beatiful
  • الطقس سيء The weather is bad
    You could also use the following adjectives:
  • معتدل moderate or stable
  • متقلب unstable
  • Bright مشرق
  • Cloudy غائم
  • Windy عاصف
  • raining يمطر
  • The sky is clear السماء صافيه

    Now let’s look at the Egyptian dialect:
  • You could say الدنيا بتشتي (el donia bteshty) = it is raining. Notice that this is derived from the word for winter in Arabic.
  • To say it is cold or hot you could say الجو برد or الجو حرّ. Notice that we just removed the vowel from the original standard word.
  • الجو مغيم means it is cloudy
  • الجو هوا means it is windy

More weather vocabulary

  • The shade الظل
  • Heatwave موجة حاره
  • Ice جليد
  • Below zero تحت الصفر
  • Celsius مئويه
  • Storm عاصفه
  • Hurricane إعصار
  • Cloud سحابه
  • Humidity رطوبه
  • Season فصل
  • Thunder رعد (pronounced raad/ra3d)
  • Lightning برق (barq)

    There are also some verbs that commonly describe some of the weather conditions. For example, a storm “hits” تضرب a place. The rain descends which could be translated into (present tense)
    يسقط المطر
    يهطل المطر

The seasons in Arabic:

  • Winter الشتاء
  • Summer الصيف
  • Autumn الخريف
  • Spring الربيع

I hope you found this lesson useful. If you have any requests about weather related phrases in Arabic or questions about this post please leave them in the comments section below. Also don’t forget to join the Facebook page and group where we will be posting regular lessons and tips and allows better communication and feedback.

Thank you.



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