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Marriage Wishes In Arabic

There are many ways to say congratulations in Arabic for a wedding. In this post, you will learn the most common and the easiest ways to congratulate someone as well as some variations and different dialects because they can vary depending on the type of wedding.


Common Arabic Wedding Wishes

Simply, saying “Mabrook” is the same as just saying congratulations! It is a general word you can say for any happy occasion. If you want to specifically say congratulations for the wedding you could say

  • “Mabrook”
  • “mubarak lakom al zawaj”
    مبارك لكم الزواج
  • “3ala al fara7” مبروك على الفرح.
    You could also say “alf mabrook al zawaj” which means congratulations for the marriage. In Egypt, we like to say “alf mabrook”, meaning (a thousand congratulations!).

It is a marriage wish because the very origin of the word is “barakah” which is a prayer meaning God’s blessings.
You can also follow “mabrook” with something like this:
تمناتي لك بالزواج السعيد “tamaneyati lak bel zawaj alsa3eed” – I wish you a happy marriage.

Wedding vocabulary [Egyptian dialect]:

The bride العروسة “el3arosa”
The groom العريس “el3arees”
Jewelry gifted by the groom to the bride الشبكة “elshabka”
Ring خاتم “khatem”
Ululation  زغروطة “zaghroota”. For more info, you can read this.
Wedding Intro زفه “zaffa”.
Another way to say congrats: تهانينا “tahanina”.
There is a song called “mabrook” that became one of the most popular Arabic wedding songs, I have not attended one in the last 3 years that haven’t played this song.

Wedding, Nikah and Islamic marriage

In Islam, there are 2 stages to a marriage:

  1. The Islamic marriage agreement (marriage contract)
    عقد القران

    Often called “Nikah” by Asian Muslim communities. This is a ceremonial agreement during which the vows are exchanged, usually between the groom and a the bride’s father as an Arabic tradition (the bride can do the vows herself otherwise). It can also include conditions similar to a prenuptial agreement. After this ceremony, the couple are considered married under Islamic law.

  2. Another crucial part of marriage in Islam is the proclamation

    Which is basically the wedding party that aims to let everyone know about the marriage. Note that the Nikah and the actual wedding can happen on the same day, or can be separate. Sometimes the Nikah can happen months (or even a year or years) before the wedding. This can vary a lot depending on circumstances and familial and cultural traditions.
    The Nikah is commonly either performed as a limited small celebration days or weeks  before the wedding (only for close family and friends), or on the same day.

The Christian Arab marriage traditions are different but I am not an expert on this so I can’t really delve into this. However, you can use the same Arabic marriage wishes mentioned above.

Islamic Marriage Wishes in Arabic

For a Muslim getting married, there are some common prayers or greetings you could say. The most common nikah wish (dua) is this one:
بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما وجمع بينكما ف خير
“baraka Allahu lakoma, wa baraka 3alaikoma, wa jama3a baynakuma fe khair”.
Which translates to: God bless you (both), God bestow his blessings upon you and may God unite you in goodness.
There is also an Islamic song that has this phrase.

If you want, why not also buy them a personalized Nikah Mubarak card? Check out the link below for one of my favorite designs, you can change it and add the bride and groom’s names, add a special message inside, etc. You will also find other designs that you can use too.

I hope that helps. Let me know in the comments if you know other wishes for a happy marriage in Arabic or if you have any questions!

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